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Is Uber breaking the local taxi market in England?

The ultimate success of the ride hailing app Uber has caused the local taxi market of England to come to a halt.  The taxi market of United Kingdom is huge. It comprises of both private and traditional taxis. Many thousands of these employees are trading local cab companies to opt for the Silicon Valley largest start up.
Uber England
Uber England

What is Uber?

Below are some quick facts about Uber

  • Uber is now operational in 68 countries and about 400 cities around the world.
  • The app was first launched on 31 May 2010.
  • The app is known to set great store when you enter it the first time. It is similar to the experience Apple gives to a customer.
  • With Uber you get a feeling of plenty, and assurance that there will be plenty of drivers for you in time of need.
When you open the app Uber you see the logo flap in front of you for a few seconds. Later you see the city streets around you. The vehicles coloured in grey also give you a promise that there will be one for you nearby. Uber operates in a team small team known as ‘launcher’ and hires a local employee. That local employee finds potential drivers and recruits riders.

Uber in the Capital

London is one of the biggest Metropolitan cities in the world. When Uber first hit the city many thought that it will not be able to make a mark. London has the scale and mass of a transit system as comparable to that of New York. It seemed tough to penetrate the market however time proved to be in favour of Uber.

The app managed to make local black cab drivers to go on strike. According to the black cab drivers the app was undercutting their market. They present an argument that Uber is using a app to calculate fares whereas it is illegal for a private vehicle to have a taxi metre.

However users of Uber maintain a stance that Uber is safe and most importantly cheaper than a black cab. Usually in free market economies the rates of taxis’s change as per the situation. Users of Uber argue that while using this app they are not subjected to unfair and pretentious rates.

Well, it seems Uber has captured the market in London. Many are saying Uber is for Londoners and black cabs for tourists.

Uber and Drivers

The fairness and flexibility of Uber is attracting many drivers from established companies. In fact in London the amount of private licensed hire operators has decreased by 11 percent. Since the start of the year of 2015 Uber has managed to expand its operation in to eighteen areas and it now hires more than 30000 drivers. The amount is huge and there is no stopping to it.

Uber has managed to create a place in the United Kingdom. It is doing well and local taxi operations see it as a threat. Only time will tell how the local taxi market will survive in the future.


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