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Is Uber breaking the local taxi market in England?

The ultimate success of the ride hailing app Uber has caused the local taxi market of England to come to a halt.  The taxi market of United Kingdom is huge. It comprises of both private and traditional taxis. Many thousands of these employees are trading local cab companies to opt for the Silicon Valley largest start up.
Uber England
Uber England

What is Uber?

Below are some quick facts about Uber

  • Uber is now operational in 68 countries and about 400 cities around the world.
  • The app was first launched on 31 May 2010.
  • The app is known to set great store when you enter it the first time. It is similar to the experience Apple gives to a customer.
  • With Uber you get a feeling of plenty, and assurance that there will be plenty of drivers for you in time of need.
When you open the app Uber you see the logo flap in front of you for a few seconds. Later you see the city streets around you. The vehicles coloured in grey also give you a promise that there will be one for you nearby. Uber operates in a team small team known as ‘launcher’ and hires a local employee. That local employee finds potential drivers and recruits riders.

Uber in the Capital

London is one of the biggest Metropolitan cities in the world. When Uber first hit the city many thought that it will not be able to make a mark. London has the scale and mass of a transit system as comparable to that of New York. It seemed tough to penetrate the market however time proved to be in favour of Uber.

The app managed to make local black cab drivers to go on strike. According to the black cab drivers the app was undercutting their market. They present an argument that Uber is using a app to calculate fares whereas it is illegal for a private vehicle to have a taxi metre.

However users of Uber maintain a stance that Uber is safe and most importantly cheaper than a black cab. Usually in free market economies the rates of taxis’s change as per the situation. Users of Uber argue that while using this app they are not subjected to unfair and pretentious rates.

Well, it seems Uber has captured the market in London. Many are saying Uber is for Londoners and black cabs for tourists.

Uber and Drivers

The fairness and flexibility of Uber is attracting many drivers from established companies. In fact in London the amount of private licensed hire operators has decreased by 11 percent. Since the start of the year of 2015 Uber has managed to expand its operation in to eighteen areas and it now hires more than 30000 drivers. The amount is huge and there is no stopping to it.

Uber has managed to create a place in the United Kingdom. It is doing well and local taxi operations see it as a threat. Only time will tell how the local taxi market will survive in the future.

How Braking Distance Calculator Helps to Avoid Accidents

Braking distance calculator is a useful tool and it helps the drivers to avoid accidents by maintaining safe distance from other cars. The brakes have great significance in overall car safety and new drivers need to understand how to apply brakes in an effective way. Nowadays, we can find the latest braking systems in the vehicles such as anti-lock braking, hydraulic brakes, electronic and emergency braking etc. However, the advance braking mechanisms don’t substitute the attention required from drivers while driving. It is imperative for drivers to calculate braking distance and always have it in their minds. This is what the car braking distance calculator helps to achieve. 
Braking Distance Calculator

Significance of Braking Distance Calculator

By using braking distance calculator, the car drivers can know the measurements of appropriate distance to apply brakes effectively. When you drive at high speed, you need to maintain a good distance and know your brake reaction time. In this way, you can get enough time to apply brakes quickly in an emergency situation. The braking distance can vary from car to car and it depends on certain factors. The driver’s ability to react, vehicle condition especially working of the braking system and road situation affect the braking distance.

How to Calculate Braking Distance

It is very simple to calculate braking distance and apply it while driving. Usually, it is part of the driving lessons when you are learning to drive, but if you haven’t gone through them already, we are providing it here for your knowledge. First, you need to understand the basic concept of braking distance. Basically, it is the measurement of distance when your vehicle travels from start to end once you apply brakes. However, the total stopping distance of vehicle includes the reaction time for driver when he sees the hazard, time he takes to apply the brakes and the time in which the vehicle comes to rest. The braking distance is calculated by noticing the speed of the car against the distance travelled when you apply brakes. The friction of road is also considered in its calculation.

Maintain Appropriate Braking Distance to Avoid Accidents

The car accidents occur frequently due to unconscious driving behavior and not following the road safety rules.  By maintaining a safe braking distance, you can apply brakes timely and avoid accidents.  In order to apply the brakes of your car effectively, you need to consider few driving tips.

  • ·         You must be aware of the speed limits and drive at appropriate speed.
  • ·         Always keep an eye on the road to prepare yourself for responding when you see a hazard.
  • ·         Don’t tailgate because it increases the chance of collisions.
  • ·         Always maintain a safe braking distance.

Here we are providing a helpful table to guide drivers and enable them to calculate appropriate braking distance while driving at various speed limits. 

Speed in Kilometers per Hour
Braking Distance in meters (Normal Situation)
Braking Distance in meters (Emergency Situation)
Table Courtesy: SellCarGetCash.com 

Besides understanding the braking distance through braking distance calculator, the drivers need to understand that there are two kinds of braking distance. The table guides you both, the recommended distance while driving in normal condition or in emergency circumstances. This is how you can apply brakes effectively and avoid hazardous situations.

Getting Around London on a Taxi

You will get all the traveller information regarding taxis you want. From London black cabs to local minicabs get an insight on the essential information you need to know. 

Your London visit is complete only when you ride a black cab. These black cabs can be hailed on a street. You may also be able to find them at designated ranks at prominent places. These places include the main rail line, bus stations and the tube. You may also book them via a telephone call.
London Taxi
London Taxi

Tips for London Cabs rates and meter charges 

London taxis charge via a meter and there is a minimum charge of £2.60. Additional charges are applied when a cab is taken from Heathrow, book via telephone, and on traditional holidays such as Christmas and New Years Eve. 

All black cabs accept credit and debit cards. There is also no surcharge on taxi fare for card payment. As far as tipping the cab driver is concerned you can tip as much as you like but the general trend is to round up to the nearest pound.

Licensed Private hire vehicles 

Private hire offer many services. They range from local mini cabs to chauffeur driven limousines. London transport does provide a list of the licensed vehicle providers. You can take a look. 

Private hire vehicles are to be booked via telephone, at an office or by email. Most of the reputable licensed private hire vehicles offer a cheaper alternative to black cabs. The fares are generally reasonable but they are not on metre. You should inquire how much the trip will cost when you make a booking.

If you are booking via a telephone many hotels and hostels will be having a list of reputable licensed private hire vehicles. Minicab offices are also easily found on high streets. All licensed private hire vehicles have a distinct transport for London license disc in the front and the rear windscreen.

Accessibility of Licensed Private hire vehicles in London

A wide range of cars are used as private hire vehicles. It should be ensured at the time of booking whether the vehicle booked will be able to meet your accessibility requirements. Private hire vehicles carry assistance dogs without any cost.

Stay safe in London

Minicabs which are not booked are illegal. If you are ever approached by mini cab drivers who are seeking passengers and offering service simply avoid them. Such vehicles are unsafe and illegal. You will expose yourself in danger if you use these services.

Only taxis i.e. black cabs are allowed to stop and carry passengers right off the street. When you book your trip with a licensed private hire care vehicle provider you journey is ensured to be safe. In case of any event, the driver can be traced immediately.

5 Reasons Getting a Black Cab in London is the Best Way to Go Around

Technology has made our life easy. The thought of having an app to achieve a mode of transportation which you have already paid for is very attractive. 

Then again, anyone who has ever lived in London for any length of time just has to fall in love with the black cab. The black cab is a recognized city transport system which certainly can be relied on. We all have experienced that moment of relief when you see a familiar car driving with a yellow light coming towards you. Black cabs have their own fan following.
5 Ways To Get Black Cab

Below are 5 reasons you have to pick this service.

Black cabs make use of the most sophisticated technology in the world

The satellite navigation goes in and out of date. A Smartphone may run flat or fail to hook up with GPS. Black cabs on the other hand make use of much more superior power. This power is known as ‘the knowledge’ and is hosted by human brains. It is one of the hardest tests in the world and takes almost three years to complete. You better make use of it.

You Won’t Get Lost

You don’t have to stand on the street refreshing your app. Smartphones can fail us any time. You can get hold of someone who knows exactly where you want to go and how to get there. Just raise your arm and hop into that black cab.

To Have a Fun Time

What can be a better way of transporting than a gang of five going about town? You don’t need to resort to a hideous carrier. And yes, no one has to bear sitting with the driver for an embarrassing drive.  The little fold down seats also help make a group circle. Friendly travelling is ensured.

Travel in an Emergency

You can opt for the black cab for any emergency. The emergency may be of any sort, do you need to change your clothes? Do you need to put on some make up? It can be anything. The black cab will provide you with privacy. You should remember black cabs are the only legal cars allowed to play for the trade on streets. Therefore they are on hand when in crisis. Black cabs can even travel in bus lanes for speed. They are definitely safer than choosing a private car.

For that Sense of Superiority

You can look down upon everyone else in their cars driving along with you. Let’s not forget those driving in buses can look down on you too. But then again they are in a bus and you are in a fancy vehicle.

Heathrow Airport Taxis | London Airport Taxis | Heathrow Taxis

Heathrow Airport Taxis | London Airport Taxis | Heathrow Taxis

This time we are talking about the great capital city of England that is well recognized as its prehistoric commercial history. This area is well populated and considered one of the well mannered venues of the world. It is extremely developed city of United Kingdom and numerous visitors enter in here from across the globe for different purposes. Some of them come due business matters and some of them are tourists, but these two reasons are not sufficient because there are countless other factors which attract the people towards the London City. The history tells us that it was made as commercial zone in the age of Anglo Saxon. At that time there were many developments made by Romans such as; roads, castles, landmarks and many other structures which increased its importance and beauty.
Heathrow Airport Taxis

Now a days government of England giving priority to enhance the fields of research, fashion, showbiz, healthcare, commerce (simply education), attract tourists and finally the transport system along with many other projects which will make it more advanced area of the globe.

Heathrow is the famous part of this city, known with different names such as London Heathrow Airport, London Airport or simply as Heathrow etc. This airport playing very important role for this city, as it brings or deals Domestic along with International flights. According to one survey it is the most busiest airport of the world in respect to treat the highest numbers of International passengers in a day.  Heathrow Airport Taxis indeed having the longest network which facilitates in respect to traffic matters. Basically! Passengers have not to do extra efforts to private hire taxis because these are available to their nearby areas, that is why these services are also known as Heathrow Airport Taxis along with London Taxis.

London Minicabs Taxis Bus Transport

London Minicabs Taxis Bus Transport
London Minicabs

London is the name of the well known capital city of England. Numerous people have dream to tour or visit this historic city from all over the world. Its history is more than two millennia old, however; has several antiques, museums and ancient structures exist here. 

The Anglo Saxon which was initially settled in Great Britain was divided into several small sections which are known as Heptarchy.  In the middle of sixth century London was formed by merging into the Kingdom of Essex. After that roundabout in seventh century a small village which was also the trading centre formed entitled “Lundenwic” at that era. That was consisted of one point six kilometres which is equal to one mile towards the west of Londinium. According to Anglo-Saxons Londinium means Lundenburth or simply “London Fort”.

Now come to the bottom line; the old name of London was Lundenwic which derives from the old English language. This word is the combination of two different words Lunden-wic, whereas; wic originates from the word “vicus” (a Latin word) which means “trading town”.  Collectively! Lundenwic form “London trading town”.

Climate wise this place is perfect as average temperature is 15 °C having 88% humidity. On the other hand it has also wind with speed 3 Km/h towards East. 

These days the London is the largest, biggest, exquisite and eye-catching city of England. That attracts the attractions of tourists and visitors from around the world.  Without London Minicabs it is quite difficult to discover all area. There are many World Heritage Sites in this zone which mostly people want to discover. So many people of them want to acquire London Minicabs online. Residents usually like to contact Private Hire Company whichever they like to order their own private London Taxis.
London Bus network having eight thousand buses with seven hundred routes. This service active twenty four hours a day. That makes it one of the largest London Bus networks of the world. Double Decker red coloured buses are famous in all over the world. But there is one more transport which is well known worldwide that is black London Minicbas. All these systems collectively made it largest wheelchair accessible network of world. But there are many other routes which include underground and flying routes for airplanes. But the cheapest, interesting, popular and usually used is to hire private London Taxis.  Underground trains are also very impressive but just for one or two times. By this method you can travel from one stop to another underground, looking well but not too much. It has quite high speed which brings it far away from natural scenes. So the best way to enjoy this historic place is via London Minicabs.

Newmarket Taxis Minicabs Buses Transport

Newmarket Taxis Minicabs Buses Transport
Newmarket Taxis

Ok! Then Newmarket is not referring toward any new opened shopping area, because this is the title of the City. No doubt there are many other popular and famous places in the world exist with the same title like; town in Canada, town in Rockingham County of New Hampshire at United States and the retailing zone of New Zealand at Auckland suburb etc. But at this time we are going to collect the awareness about the land located in English county of Suffolk at England. The Newmarket is the market town geographically towards north and 105 kilometres away from the London which is equal to 65 miles.

There is also a good news for the horse race loving sort of people and that is this area also considered as the birthplace or home land for the Thoroughbred Horse Racing. This is the sport which plays all over the world and having different kinds. On the other hand this territory is the largest racehorse training center in Great Britain.

As there are more than 50 stables for horse training along with two biggest horse racetracks, so there are also various sorts of races appears every years. Some of them are British Champions Series and Classic races etc.

In this territory there is worlds most wide and high-status horse training land is situated. There are also two most popular and famous race tracks of the world, also situated which are The July Course and The Rowley Mile. It looks like the land of horses as there are several Tattersalls, world’s two foremost horse hospitals, National Horseracing Museum along with Home of Horseracing projects.

This area has average temperature 13 °C in which wind flows towards North with 6 Km/h and having 72 % humidity. So when anyone visits National Horseracing Museum having such great atmosphere that will increase the charm of the tourist. 

The land is full of horses sort of places in all over the Newmarket. These places could be visit and enjoy through Newmarket Taxis. Because many people wants to travel via Newmarket Taxis which offers different best prices along with tremendous services. Few people travel along public transports like buses, train etc. But majority of them like to contact Private Hire Company which they like.