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5 Reasons Getting a Black Cab in London is the Best Way to Go Around

Technology has made our life easy. The thought of having an app to achieve a mode of transportation which you have already paid for is very attractive. 

Then again, anyone who has ever lived in London for any length of time just has to fall in love with the black cab. The black cab is a recognized city transport system which certainly can be relied on. We all have experienced that moment of relief when you see a familiar car driving with a yellow light coming towards you. Black cabs have their own fan following.
5 Ways To Get Black Cab

Below are 5 reasons you have to pick this service.

Black cabs make use of the most sophisticated technology in the world

The satellite navigation goes in and out of date. A Smartphone may run flat or fail to hook up with GPS. Black cabs on the other hand make use of much more superior power. This power is known as ‘the knowledge’ and is hosted by human brains. It is one of the hardest tests in the world and takes almost three years to complete. You better make use of it.

You Won’t Get Lost

You don’t have to stand on the street refreshing your app. Smartphones can fail us any time. You can get hold of someone who knows exactly where you want to go and how to get there. Just raise your arm and hop into that black cab.

To Have a Fun Time

What can be a better way of transporting than a gang of five going about town? You don’t need to resort to a hideous carrier. And yes, no one has to bear sitting with the driver for an embarrassing drive.  The little fold down seats also help make a group circle. Friendly travelling is ensured.

Travel in an Emergency

You can opt for the black cab for any emergency. The emergency may be of any sort, do you need to change your clothes? Do you need to put on some make up? It can be anything. The black cab will provide you with privacy. You should remember black cabs are the only legal cars allowed to play for the trade on streets. Therefore they are on hand when in crisis. Black cabs can even travel in bus lanes for speed. They are definitely safer than choosing a private car.

For that Sense of Superiority

You can look down upon everyone else in their cars driving along with you. Let’s not forget those driving in buses can look down on you too. But then again they are in a bus and you are in a fancy vehicle.