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Getting Around London on a Taxi

You will get all the traveller information regarding taxis you want. From London black cabs to local minicabs get an insight on the essential information you need to know. 

Your London visit is complete only when you ride a black cab. These black cabs can be hailed on a street. You may also be able to find them at designated ranks at prominent places. These places include the main rail line, bus stations and the tube. You may also book them via a telephone call.
London Taxi
London Taxi

Tips for London Cabs rates and meter charges 

London taxis charge via a meter and there is a minimum charge of £2.60. Additional charges are applied when a cab is taken from Heathrow, book via telephone, and on traditional holidays such as Christmas and New Years Eve. 

All black cabs accept credit and debit cards. There is also no surcharge on taxi fare for card payment. As far as tipping the cab driver is concerned you can tip as much as you like but the general trend is to round up to the nearest pound.

Licensed Private hire vehicles 

Private hire offer many services. They range from local mini cabs to chauffeur driven limousines. London transport does provide a list of the licensed vehicle providers. You can take a look. 

Private hire vehicles are to be booked via telephone, at an office or by email. Most of the reputable licensed private hire vehicles offer a cheaper alternative to black cabs. The fares are generally reasonable but they are not on metre. You should inquire how much the trip will cost when you make a booking.

If you are booking via a telephone many hotels and hostels will be having a list of reputable licensed private hire vehicles. Minicab offices are also easily found on high streets. All licensed private hire vehicles have a distinct transport for London license disc in the front and the rear windscreen.

Accessibility of Licensed Private hire vehicles in London

A wide range of cars are used as private hire vehicles. It should be ensured at the time of booking whether the vehicle booked will be able to meet your accessibility requirements. Private hire vehicles carry assistance dogs without any cost.

Stay safe in London

Minicabs which are not booked are illegal. If you are ever approached by mini cab drivers who are seeking passengers and offering service simply avoid them. Such vehicles are unsafe and illegal. You will expose yourself in danger if you use these services.

Only taxis i.e. black cabs are allowed to stop and carry passengers right off the street. When you book your trip with a licensed private hire care vehicle provider you journey is ensured to be safe. In case of any event, the driver can be traced immediately.


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