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Bath Taxis

Old name of Bath which is currently situated in Somerset, South West England is Aquae Sulis. The meaning of this word is “the waters of Sulis” and this place was under the Roman’s Government. Geographically! At that time Aquae Sulis town was at Britannia (Roman province). This location specially formed by Romans for spa. However spa is the treatment with the help of water.

This is historical place having several venues like; temples, museums, traditional sports and theaters etc. That is why in 1987 it was awarded as World Heritage Site. It has a lot of eye-catching sites which attracts tourists every year from all over the world. A survey told us that there are three point eight million per day visitors in this territory. According to educational point of view, there are two major universities along with several colleges and schools.

Atmospheric wise it has 23°C with 52% humidity and wind direction from North to East having 2Km/h speed.

Bath Spa University is educational part of this region which was first entitled as Bath College of Higher Education. After achieving university rank in August 2005 its title was “Bath Spa University College”. 

According to the history it was foremost hub of stylish life in England. There were many theaters and architects made during 18th century. If you visit this area these days you will find the proficiency of their architects of old ages. Simply the exterior and interior designs of their buildings are tremendous. Queen Victoria wrote about the behavior of Bath’s people in her journal that “The people are really too kind to me”. So that is why there are two resorts with her name like; Royal Victoria Park and Victoria Art Gallery.

Princess Victoria in the age of 11 was opened the Royal Victoria Park. Till its opening date (1830) it was under Victorian public or can say that it was private property. But in 1921 it was under the Bath Corporation and now it is in use of public. This park is the first park which is on her name and also having obelisk.  

The Victoria Art Gallery has also the name of Queen Victoria because when she was completed her sixty years on throne, the celebrated that moments. This free public art museum was designed by John Mckean Brydon in 1897 and outside there is a statue of Queen Victoria placed by A.C. Lucchesi. So through such acts we can judge the interest and love of the Bath public with the Queen Victoria. So if you want to visit this great place then you will have to hire Bath Taxis.


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